Welcome to my about page! Here is where I explain how Anime Shelter Came to be. For the OG followers, there is a further explanation on why I changed completely my blog at the end of the page.

What is Anime Shelter?

At the moment, I’m the only one working and writing on Anime Shelter. I will be focusing in Seasonal Anime and you will be able to find for each season (starting Winter Season 2019) reviews for first episodes, First Impressions, Tops and more. All of this content culminates in my Seasonal Ultimate Guides which are free downloadable PDFs where you can find my first impressions to ALL the Anime shows coming out during a certain season.

More than that, I will be releasing some Anime full reviews as also game revies. Being these games, ones that I think work best for an Anime centered website. Meaning, games like visual novels and ones that are originated from Anime.

However, my objective to Anime Shelter is one day to be able to grow large enough to the point of adding new people to the team. When this happens, Anime Shelter will bring more stuff such as Anime News, Episodical reviews, and more. For now, I’m accepting Guest Bloggers πŸ™‚ If you want, you can apply here!

Why The Name Anime Shelter?

Basically, I tried everything until I found a good name that was not have been registered yet… Just kidding! πŸ˜€

It is true that I spent days in a row thinking on a nice website name. Reading through dictionaries, looking for words and trying many different combinations (where most were already taken of course). When I found the word shelter it just made complete sense to me, and guess what, it was free to take!!!

But, why did Shelter spoke as much to me? Well, it’s my strong belief that everyone is entitled to their opinion without being ostracized by it. Nowadays, on the Internet, it’s easy to get hate comments, people saying for you to kill yourself just because you don’t share your opinion and all that stuff. There is so much of this that it seems we just got used to it. Well, we shouldn’t!

Anime Shelter is basically… Well, a shelter, where Anime lovers can gather around, share their ideas and opinions without being afraid of having those type of comments. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure of that. Of course, there are different opinions and I will be more than happy to see big discussions in the comments of a published post. Nevertheless, always in a civilΒ and constructive manner.


β‡’ If you are part of a fandom where you feel butthurt because someone says a negative point of your favorite Anime, this is not the place for you

β‡’ If you think you are the master of all reason and only you are right all the time, this is not the place for you

β‡’ If you don’t think even twice about what you are writing and will attack a person instead of trying to explain your point of view, this is not the place for you

But, if you are like me, someone who loves Anime to the point of reading blogs about it. Actually likes to give his opinion and bring nice discussions to the table about a subject, then I hope you stay for a while πŸ˜‰

I want to thank the WordPress.com Anime community for this though. You guys are the ones who actually inspired me to create such a space. It’s completely astonishing our community in there where people who have completely opposite tastes and opinions are able to be friends and discuss Anime in a civil manner.

Any Other Questions?

These were the questions that I came up with which I think explains why I decided Anime Shelter needed to exist. However, if you want to know anything more just hit me with a comment down below or contact me through my contact page or my social media πŸ™‚

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