Akudama Drive Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Not gonna lie, Akudama Drive’s episode 10 was great! Even though there wasn’t much action, most characters became more interesting, and the story got deeper. I’ll have to say that I’m going to miss Doctor, but that’s how’s things are – the moment she became an enemy, I knew she would have to die sooner or later. I never expected to love Hoodlum so much. Clearly, he’s the character who developed the most, and he finally had the guts to kill someone.

On the other hand, the executioners’ group is becoming more intriguing, and I’m guessing that making every civilian an Akudama wasn’t the most intelligent thing to do. Pretty sure the executioners will be able to kill most (if not all) of them. But what about the future? I mean, the ones who didn’t uprise in this episode probably won’t be happy with what the ‘protection forces’ did.

I also liked the question the characters made in this episode. At this point, who is actually the Akudama? Obviously, the five original don’t follow the law. But aren’t the executioners going too far? Moreover, most of them seem to enjoy killing people! So, if they didn’t live in a world where they could ‘rightfully’ kill, I wonder if they wouldn’t be criminals just like the others. This question makes a bigger impact on the Executioner Apprentice, as she seems to one of the few who actually wants the best for the city. Maybe she’ll have a change of heart before the end? We’ll see! Did you enjoy Akudama Drive’s episode 10? Tell me everything in the comments down below! ?

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