Akudama Drive Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery

I’m loving what Akudama Drive’s story is turning into. I mean, for an Anime that started quite random and not too deep, it has conducted the plot in a way that touches your heart. I’ve fallen in love with many characters throughout the season, but it was episode 11 that made me click with Courier. The start of the episode was great (I’m not going to count the part where I checked if I was re-watching episode one by mistake). Seeing how Swindler and Courier’s lives could have been if things turned out a little bit different made me feel sorry for the characters – especially for Courier. Finally, we understood why he doesn’t want to catch lost money from the ground. It was heartbreaking to see him in his teenage years with his mother – he could have become a nice and happy guy. Alas, everything was an effect of a butterfly dream, and that 500-yen coin is what makes them get out of that illusion. I always found the focus on the coin a bit odd, but now I understand why.

On the other hand, I’m quite surprised with Kanto. I’m not sure why, but I imagined an even more futuristic city, full of people following the law. Something like how the city from Psycho Pass looks like on the surface. I was, of course, mistaken. Honestly, it makes far more sense that everyone was living inside a supercomputer. It’s common knowledge that digitalizing our memories can be a possible future for humanity (hope not!). So, yeah – everything made sense in the end, and I wasn’t expecting it, which is always a plus. Things went a bit too fast after that, as in the same episode, Swindler (with the help of digital Hacker) is able to save the children. But, since the Anime is going to end the next episode, it makes sense. If it’s required to have a rushed section, I prefer this was the one who suffered instead of the ending episode. Did you enjoy Akudama Drive’s episode 11? Tell me everything down below. ?

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