Akudama Drive Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery
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I’m so freaking happy with Akudama Drive episode six! Not only did we get an extremely fast-paced battle, but also some character evolution. Who knew the Anime would become even more interesting? I really thought Akudama Drive would stick to the amazing visuals and action-heavy episodes. I guess I was wrong – and I couldn’t be happier.

Let’s start with the battle against the master executioner. I’m not sure what I liked the most. On the one hand, I loved the gore aspect of it. Seeing Doctor getting slashed in half and Cutthroat without legs is always something I’m going to enjoy. On the other hand, the last fight between the executioner and Brawler was emotional and memorable. I wasn’t expecting that they would die, though – it made me realize how much I ended up caring about Brawler. I was pretty bumped out when I watched his last breath, but for the story’s sake, it made sense. Both parties need to have casualties. The Akudama are doing an almost impossible task, so it’s normal to have losses throughout the plan (sadly). It made Akudama Drive a bit closer to Earth and realistic.

Of course, I also need to speak about character development throughout the episode. Let’s talk about Hoodlum – the character I despised the most who just got more interesting. Until now, I always thought he was all buddy-buddy with Brawler to have someone to protect him. Clearly, I was wrong. The moment he sees his friend dead, he doesn’t think twice. He grabs a sword and attacks the Execution Apprentice. He no longer wants to flee or hide – he wants revenge. I’m pretty happy that events turned out like this – it gave Hoodlum an extra layer, making him a far more interesting character overall.

Swindler also changes a bit this episode when Cutthroat cuts through the Brother’s body to get to the Master Executioner. Thankfully, nothing happens to the kid, as he’s able to heal any type of wound. Still, that doesn’t make Cutthroat’s actions right (especially when he didn’t know about this fact). Even though it was to protect Swindler, she can’t help herself but slap him. Basically, she’s no longer the ordinary girl who tries to make everyone happy. She showed there and then that she won’t tolerate people who cross the line. I’m also curious to see how Cutthroat is going to behave from now on, as it also seemed something woke up inside him when he got slapped.

More than that, the animation was perfect as usual. Not only during the action scenes but also in the characters’ reactions. Can’t way to see how Akudama Drive is going to develop from here. Did you enjoy episode six? Tell me everything down below. ?

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