Akudama Drive Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery
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Although I enjoyed Akudama Drive episode six, it could have been better. First of all, I wasn’t happy that we didn’t have the opportunity to watch Hooglum killing the Executioner Apprentice. Well, maybe he didn’t kill her at all, and he’s just lying. Still, it was a big fight that would be extremely important for his character evolution. So, yeah, I would prefer that the Anime didn’t skip such an essential part.

I’m also on the fence about the moon story. I understand the moon itself was destroyed, which makes it impossible to go there. However, are you really trying to convince me such an advanced society didn’t go further in the Universe? Sure, the moon may have been destroyed with a huge blast, but aren’t other planets still ‘alive’? I know that I shouldn’t take Akudama Drive so seriously, but since the story has become deeper, I expect another level of detail.

That being said, I was overjoyed by watching the siblings’ past. And by overjoyed, I mean terribly depressed. The back story was very well done, and I instantly felt sorry for those kids. It reminded me of other futuristic Anime that focuses on children being exploited for the “greater good”. Yukusoku no Neverland is a good example of that. It also reminded me of Psycho Pass due to all the high tech involved. Moreover, I wasn’t expecting that the doctor would double-cross the team. She was my favorite of them all! Probably that’s the proof that I always prefer villains over protagonists. Even so, I would like to have her on the team for a longer time.

Now, I’m just curious to know what the hell is going to happen. Not only the original group is reduced to half, but I’m also not sure where Swingled and Sister are going to go. I mean, the freaking rocket is supposed to go space, right? They don’t have the necessary equipment, and, as we know, the moon no longer exists. Hopefully, the rocket won’t have strength enough to go very far, and they’ll land safely somewhere nearby. Did you enjoy Akuda Drive episode six? Tell me everything down below. ?

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