Akudama Drive Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Thank God Akudama Drive has redeemed itself. While I had some problems with the last episode, this one was far more enjoyable. More importantly, it made sense – I’m speaking about the rocket not having fuel to actually reach the moon. I don’t even know where to start! Well, first of all, I’m thrilled that the doctor is still alive. I know she’s one of the bad guys (a third-party bad guy, to be more precise), but I believe this role suits her way more. In fact, she even had more screen time this time around. I probably shouldn’t like her, as she seems interested in the little brother for his blood. Still, she just looks so cool that I can’t help myself.

On the other hand, I loved Swindler’s character evolution in this episode. The thing I like the most was seeing the scene in Swindler’s eyes, as it translated far better how she was feeling when she killed for the first time, even if it was in self-defense. Of course, this only happened because she was protecting her ‘little sister’. Basically, while she grew up a stronger person, we all know she wouldn’t have the guts to kill someone by herself. It reminds me of Hoodlum, who (as I predicted) didn’t actually kill the junior executioner. Finally, she got even cuter with her hair short!!

This will probably sound farfetched, but am I the only one who sees the resemblance between Swindler and the kids? Maybe it’s just a design choice, but it just makes me think there’s more than what meets the eye. Well, we’ll see. Did you enjoy Akudama Drive episode eight? Tell me everything down below. ?

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