Akudama Drive Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive is becoming darker with each episode, and episode nine was a great way to showcase how gruesome it can become. Honestly, more than the gore, what I liked the most is how the story is starting to make sense. Or at least, how the characters are becoming more real. Up until now, I’ve been asking myself how these people have become some of the biggest Akudama in history. Although they’re clearly showed they didn’t play by the law, none of them actually showed a personality that would make them serial killers. In fact, they almost seemed quite ‘normal’ so far. I think only Doctor and Cutthroat showed some murder-ish vibes. But, even so, we only saw their best side yet.

Everything changed in this episode. On the one hand, we finally get to know what’s in Doctor’s head. My idea was the same as Hoodlum – she wanted to become immortal. But, it actually makes more sense that her main goal would be to have full control of someone’s body, including death. It was a nice twist to the character that I wasn’t expecting. On the other hand, we saw why Cutthroat is such a big deal. He’s basically a maniac who’s completely out of control. I kind of felt sad for him, or at least his relationship with Swindler. Not sure why, but I’ve been rooting for him. Alas, he’s clearly beyond anyone’s help.

Finally, I’m loving Swindler’s evolution, which gave a big step in this episode, as well. We knew that something had awoken in her in the last episode, but now it’s set in stone. She’s a survivor, and she will do her best to save her ‘siblings’. I never thought she would have the strength to kill Cutthroat, but I guess I was wrong. Overall, I enjoyed Akudama Drive’s episode nine. Especially because I feel that the story is starting to make more sense. Did you enjoy it? Tell me everything down below. ?

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