Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Beastars’ episode 10 continues to explore the strange feelings Riz is having. I’m not going to say I can get them. I’m not a carnivore, so I will never understand how he’s able to think about eating his best friend as becoming one with him. Well… Honestly, I don’t think the other character can understand either, so maybe it’s just something that doesn’t make sense, period. Still, I think this back and forward where Riz feels guilty and happy at the same is well done. It just makes the character extremely complex.

I also liked to see Pina not feeling as confident as always. The guy was starting to get a bit annoying, and although I’m not on Riz’s side, it was good to see Pina put in his place. The character also has some kind of feelings that I will never understand. In this case, the sheep seems to want to be and not be eaten simultaneously. In short, I’m feeling completely lost on what these characters want or what is going to happen next. I don’t mind, though. The plot is well written, and I know everything will make sense in the end.

Finally, I wonder what Legoshi is going to do with Riz. He has learned with Gouhin to heal the meat-eating animals instead of just killing him. So, I’m excited to see what the finale has in store for us. Hopefully, Legoshi and Haru will also kiss by then. It’s about time! Did you enjoy Beastars season 2, episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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