Beastars Season 2 Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Beastars Season 2 Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

It seems I was correct – the animal at the ending of the last episode was a rattlesnake. I’m not going to repeat myself, but it was great to hear Orochimaru’s voice coming out from a snake’s mouth once again. The snake was a bit confusing at first, though. It says that it’s the school guard, but then proceeds to attack Legoshi? I didn’t understand why – I guess he knows that Legoshi was this close to eating Haru, that’s why he attacked? Still, if Rokume knows, I don’t understand why she didn’t address the issue before.

But, well – she’s the one who provides the next objective for the story – finding the assassin who killed the herbivore. Legoshi accepts without even knowing that the grown-ups decided to give the title of beastar to the student who finds the killer. Regarding that meeting – why the hell are adults putting all the weight on kids to keep peace among the different species? It doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t seem to be productive. Especially when the adults themselves aren’t able to speak with other species without getting irritated. Hopefully, we’ll get more insight into Beastars’ world’s adult life – it would be an interesting take.

Finally, I wasn’t expecting that Louis would become the leader of the lion clan. I was even more surprised to see that he seems to have put aside all of his emotions. I mean, he goes to a meat shop and doesn’t bat an eye! I can’t wait to see his character evolution – he wasn’t kidding when he said that he would be the one working in the shadows this time around. Did you enjoy Beastars episode 2? Tell me everything down below. ?

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