Horimiya Episode 12 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 12 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya’s episode 12 was so heartwarming. I loved that the Anime went through that weird part of a relationship where two people are more than just friends but aren’t dating yet. I really think that Tooru and Yuki’s relationship is a great showcase of that moment. Honestly, it’s pretty nerve-wracking, especially when the two parties are kind of scared to bluntly ask the other one out (which is the case for this cute couple).

But, of course, what stands out the most in this episode is Miyamura asking Hori to marry him. It wasn’t romantic whatsoever, but I also think that many couples end up deciding to spend their lives together in this kind of way. That’s one of the biggest strengths of Horimiya – the Anime doesn’t try to be overly romantic or portray its characters in a cool manner. Instead, the author goes for a realistic approach when it comes to the more serious scenes, which makes the story so much better.

It also makes me love the characters way more! Since Horimiya strives for realism, characters end up being quite complex. No one is the perfect guy or girl, and this is showcased in detail. For instance, Hori is extremely smart but fails when it comes to sports and arts. That’s what usually happens in real life, and it’s rare to have someone good at everything. Unless you’re a protagonist of an average romantic Anime, of course. Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode 12? Tell me everything down below. ?

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