Horimiya Episode 13 (Final) Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 13 (Final) Discussion & Gallery
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I have to be honest – I teared up a bit watching Horimiya‘s final episode. The story just goes such a long way, and the author made me reminisce about my high school days. If I could, there’s one thing I would love to say to these characters I’ve fallen in love with. While you won’t be with your high school friends every day like before, the friendships you make there are for life. It’s funny because I can be away from my high school friends for years, and the time we finally spend some time together is like no time has passed at all.

The episode also made me think about how much weight coincidences have on our lives. It’s like Miyamura says – if it wasn’t for certain events, our lives would be completely different. I can’t see my life in any other way that is right now. But the truth is that my biggest friendships happened just because. Heck, even meeting my boyfriend, who I’m with for 8 years, was completely random. Honestly, it’s a bit scary to think about living without those people.

But what touched me the most was the scene where Miyamura is able to accept his past self. It’s such an emotional moment. The author really did a great job building up Miyamura – he’s one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s so complex that his personality almost feels real. 

Honestly, I’m ok if the Anime doesn’t get a second season. It finished on a good note, and it would be bittersweet to see these characters living their college lives without having the time to meet up. But, hey – if a season two comes out, I’m definitely watching it. More than that, I would love a special episode where everyone meets up as an adult. Can you image Miyamura and Hori with kids? That would be awesome! Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode 13? Tell me everything down below. ?

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