Horimiya Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

I loved Horimiya’s episode three, but I’m the only one who’s feeling that things are going way too quickly? I mean, from one episode to another, the characters just went over a new year in school. Not only that, but even the group seems to be completely in sync. For example, the moment they get an assignment, everyone starts pulling their desks near Izumi. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that scene, especially after watching Izumi’s sad past. Still, at the beginning of the episode, I had to check whether I had skipped an episode by accident or not.

I already had this impression, but episode three really showed that Horimiya tells small bits of the story throughout the episode. Instead of having fluent storytelling, the Anime goes from one event to another, like it was several small episodes glued together. Although it’s not my favorite, it works in the Anime’s favor, as it can focus on the most important events without adding any fillers. Still, I’m not a fan of the go into the past kind of thing. For instance, in the last bit where Izumi and Tooru had a fight – it was a bit strange to start with them arriving at the school already after the fact and then do a flashback of what happened.

Even so, I’m loving how they’re building the characters’ relationships. Not only the one between the protagonists but also the friendship evolution of Izumi and Tooru. Obviously, my gay brain already shipped the two characters together. Although Izumi and Hori make a great couple, I wouldn’t mind an Izumi x Tooru. Finally, that pink-haired girl is just… Hateful! Really, I don’t understand her at all! She just seems to love pulling my nerves! Doesn’t she have a boyfriend already? Please, leave Izumi alone! Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode 3? Tell me everything down below. ?

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