Horimiya Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

It was about time for Hormiya to focus on Yuki. The girl is always there, and we still hadn’t any type of development about the character. I wasn’t expecting her personality, though. She always seemed to be that type of carefree person who’s always happy. To know that she’s a people pleaser who puts her happiness aside to make others happy was endearing and… Heartbreaking. I say heartbreaking because people-pleasers are usually not very happy (for obvious reasons), and I like Yuki too much to not feel sorry for her.

No romantic comedy is complete without a love triangle. But Horimiya does this a little bit differently than most, as this complicated love situation is saved to the secondary characters, not the main couple. In fact, Kyouko and Izumi don’t actually have problems as a couple at all. Most of this heartwarming story is about two teenagers growing close to each other and finding this complex thing called love. I prefer it this way – I loved Tonikaku Kawaii for its simple couple relationship, after all. I’m quite interested to see who Tooru is going to end up with, though. He seems to be just a kind guy who will support everyone no matter what. So, I don’t think he’s in love with either of the girls at this point. Let’s not forget that he’s still healing for being rejected by Kyouko.

The second part of the episode focused on the main couple… Honestly, if my boyfriend went somewhere and spent five days without saying anything, I would be pretty mad at him! I would also probably call his parents to check on him, as I would start imagining the worst possible scenarios. So, Kyouko actually reacted in a more mature way than I would have. Finally, did the protagonist lost their virginity to each other? I know that the episode didn’t show that clearly. But when Kyouko says that she wanted Izumi to feel the warmth that she was feeling, it really gave me that vibe. Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode 7? Tell me everything down below. ?

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