Horimiya Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Why does Hormiya continue to push the envelope with its main couple? The Anime is painting sadomasochism in such a bad way that it’s hard to watch. At this point, Kyouko just seems to want to be abused by her partner. One thing is what you do in the bedroom, with all the safety procedures and making sure all parties are comfortable. Another completely different thing is to have the guy slapping the girl in the middle of the street. Domestic violence isn’t funny at all. And no, the idea that Kyouko likes this side of Miyamura because it’s the complete opposite of his usual self isn’t a good reason.

I’ve watched several Anime with Tsudere characters that beat the crap out of the guys or with jerk male protagonists. Sometimes, it makes sense. Not in Horimiya’s case, though. The Anime was perfect before the author decided to go with this ‘joke’, and it doesn’t really add much to the story. Especially because the main characters’ romance is often seriously portrayed.

Besides that negative point, the episode was quite alright. I loved the scene where Kyouko protected against his former bullies, and I’m curious to know what is actually going inside Makio’s mind. He’s obviously regretting how he treated Miyamura in the past, as he should. But I wonder how far the protagonist is willing to forgive others. I’ve overlooked some of my past bullies’ behaviors but putting the blame on me for killing living animals – that’s something I would never forgive, no matter how much the person might have changed. Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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