I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery
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Don’t you love starting an episode and think that you completely messed up and are watching something completely different? Yeah, me neither! I’m not sure why the magical girls’ Anime had to have so much screen time. It didn’t give anything to the story (even if it’s important for the plot later), and well… It’s not really my type of Anime to begin with. The creators we’re committed, I’ll give them that – they even create a full new intro just for this episode! As everyone foresaw, nobody was dead, as the previous episode’s cliffhanger wanted us to think. And I’m Standing on a Million Lives started with the characters actually dying, which almost seems a repetition of what we’ve seen in the last episode. Yeah, I’m not very happy.

How Yuka was able to continue walking amidst the blizzard was pretty funny, though. Her being motivated by her favorite fictional characters had everything to do with her. But, of course, she was only able to finish the quest due to sheer luck. Right at the last minute, a Kora (from the Last Airbender) look-alike appeared to save the day, and with her flying pet, Yuka was able to get those last miles. I’m not even to comment on this anymore – you already know how I feel about this writing style. The episode ends with the admin explaining that the world they’ve been transported to is a parallel world of the real one. I guess it’s a mildly ok twist to the story – at least, Yuusuke feels a bit bad for killing those guys. The thing is, we already got that type of character arc with Kusue killing the goblins. So, I ask myself what can they do differently this time around to make it interesting. Did you like I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 11? Tell me everything in the comments down below. ?

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