I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

If you read my commentary on I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode four, I take that back. It was quite enjoyable to have an episode focused on Kusue and her feelings about being weak. I believe the show addressed well the problem of killing someone with your bare hands, even if it’s to defend yourself. Clearly, she’s the only one having realistic thoughts about killing something.

Most Isekais don’t go into this aspect of the world. Characters join a new world, and since they’re killing monsters, it seems that there isn’t a problem at all. However, if we think about it realistically, I believe most of us would think twice before taking the life of a living being. Sure, when it comes to fight or die, you’ll do your best to survive. Even so, I would guess most of us wouldn’t feel that good after the deed. This way, it’s refreshing to see a character with some kind of conscience regarding this matter. Better yet, we get to see how and why she overcomes the feeling of killing monsters, as well as a neat strategy to overcome her weakness.

I’m not sure how the characters are going to handle their current quest, though. One thing is to kill monsters that seem not to have any intelligence. Another completely different thing is to send humans to their death, especially when there are kids evolved. It’s an interesting turn of events, and I’m curious to see how they’re going to handle it. Yuusuke probably won’t think twice about it, but the girls may not feel as confident as him to complete this specific quest. Did you enjoy I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 5? Tell me everything down below. ?

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5 thoughts on “I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

    1. Thank God you were never deployed! I’m really thankful to grow in an age (and country) where people aren’t obliged to go to the army. I would be terrible at it – I’m way too soft for that kind of thing. I never thought about killing someone either, but I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to do it. But, if it was one of those situations of kill or get killed, I don’t know what would happen. I guess survival instincts would kick in and I don’t know how my body would react.

      1. There is a level of guilt in not being deployed. Kind of a very low level version of survivor’s guilt. Other men went thru hell and maybe died but I skated.

        There’s also that nagging question of whether one was up to it. Of wanting to be tested. Some of the older guys in the unit had been tested in Vietnam, had like the military and decided to spend the rest of their days in the National Guard.

        I’d just won the oustanding NCO award after a big inspection. The major said my performance was the only thing that kept the unit from a mediocre rating. Promised me a promotion to Tech Sgt. (E-6) and some of those priviledges that rank hath if I renewed my enlistment. I declined. On some level, even though I could do the job, I was not a good fit for the military because of my Asperger’s and my ADD.

        Actually I’m not a good fit anywhere. Still aren’t. But now that I’m retired, I don’t need to be.

        There were no major military actions while I was in the service. Just a few months after I was discharged we launched the first Gulf War and I was ready to reenlist.. My wife would have understood. Both of our father’s were ex-military from WWII.

        The only thing that stopped me from reupping was my baby girl who I thought needed her daddy around.

        1. I understand the feeling of fighting for your own country. But I have to say that I’m happy your baby girl stopped you from doing it. Going to war must be a terribly thing and even if you survive, you’ll probably get scarred for life. Better to have a long life and enjoy your life with your wife and daughter – they’re the ones who matter the most, after all

          1. It was something my father’s entire generation faced. Over 400K dead, mostly boys fresh out of high school and college at a time we had a third the population of today. And then they spent the next 45 years in a Cold War with the USSR with little brew-ups like Korea to spice things.

            Of course, the countries that had the war fought almost entirely on their own soil suffered much higher casualty rates.

            George Bush was the last president from that generation and it is fitting that the Soviet empire fell on his watch.

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