Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Jujutsu Kaisen’s episode 4 was far more serious and darker than what we previously watched, and, obviously, I loved it! Not only did the Anime explain the various different levels of curses, but we also finally had the opportunity to see a special level curse in action.

The episode is basically the exorcists’ team getting inside the curse’s domain and fighting their way out. Since the curse is so overpowered, their only option is to run. Unfortunately, they understand that far too late. This translates into Itadori losing his left hand (and the fingers from his right hand). I loved the gore, of course, but I was more impressed by two specific scenes.

The first one was Itadori’s and Fushiguro’s discussion when it came to bringing the corpse of a guy they found right in the domain’s entrance. Both made two excellent observations. While Itadori defends that everyone is worth saving or, in this case, worth respect. Fushiguro believes that sometimes some people aren’t worth saving. In this example, saving a criminal who might end up murdering someone would mean being the indirect cause for that to happen. It just shows how complex these characters are, as I can understand both sides without actually thinking that either of them is entirely correct.

The second scene that I loved was when Itadori thought he was going to die. Again, it showed excellent character writing, as Itadori realizes that he isn’t as selfless as he initiatally thought. Sure, he still wants to save everyone and will put himself in danger to do so. However, he’s also fighting his survival instincts. Like everyone else, he doesn’t want to die. Honestly, Jujutsu Kaisen might become the best Anime of the year – it’s just a great combination of everything you want from an Anime. Did you enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen’s episode 4? Tell me everything down below. ?

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