Kai Byoui Ramune Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Kai Byoui Ramune Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Did Kai Byoui Ramune just start a story that will last at least two episodes? I wasn’t expecting that at all! It really changes the pace of the episode, though. Things don’t seem as rushed, and there’s more time to understand the reason behind the illness, as well as its cure.

As always, the story is quite interesting, and Kai Byoui Ramune went even darker. I mean, the woman got one of her son’s detached arm in the mail! Even though the Anime didn’t show the severed limb, the scene was more than enough to make my skin crawl due to its psychological effect. It also makes it plausible that the woman got so ill that she’s now having hallucinations with her deceased (still to be confirmed) son and has developed a strange disease where she can’t hear any word about that horrible event.

Unfortunately, the way where both the mother and brother feel guilty about the kid’s disappearance is also pretty realistic. Although I have to say that Rio was bratty as hell when he was younger, he didn’t deserve to face something so dire at such a young age. Hopefully, his brother is actually alive somewhere, and they’re able to reunite by the end of the next episode.

The only nitpick I have about the episode is that it’s fairly simple to understand what will happen next. Rio is going to ask for his mother’s help, and she will have no other choice than to listen to him this time around. Even though the cliffhanger was kinda nice, we all know that everything is going to be solved and that Dr. Ramune will come out unharmed. Did you enjoy Kai Byoui Ramune episode five? Tell me everything down below. ?

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