Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery
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If I learned one thing from Kamisama ni Nata Hi early episodes is that I can never guess what is going to happen. And yet again, here I was dumbfounded by what I was watching. Really, how did the author come out with such random and hilarious scenes? I don’t understand much about playing mahjong (Yakuza mini-game was my only experience), but I know enough to see that Youta’s plays were completely random and didn’t make any sense. It goes without saying that the episode was, yet again, hilarious. The writing is already pretty funny, but the animation pushes it to another level. From Youta doing his cool stance when speaking about his mahjong experience to making such a game seem like an extremely fast-paced and exciting event, everything just adds to the punchline. More importantly, it always works!

The episode also gave some time to address a few more serious issues, though. We still don’t know about these unrelated characters trying to find something about a highly regarded scientist’s (whose name I can’t remember) work. They seem to be making slow progress, but I continue to bet that Hina isn’t an actual god but a robot instead. This time around, the characters were trying to find out whether the scientist was able to quantify emotions. The answer was negative, but I’m not so sure about that. I guess we’ll have to wait to see. For now, I can say that I’m enjoying Kamisama ni Natta Hi a lot, and it’s an excellent change of pace compared to darker Anime shows like Jujutsu Kaisen or Higurashi.

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