Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

What the hell!? Here I was thinking – “Oh I really need to unwind! It’s the perfect time to watch Kamisama ni Natta Hi episode five” – just to be punched in the face by the feel train at the end of it. Sure, the episode started pretty funny – the repetition of conversation starters between Youta and Kyouko’s father was hilarious. The same as how the guy takes advantage of leaving the house for the first time in years to try all the new cuisine options that the city has to offer, which all include cheese for some reason.

Of course, the main point I want to speak about is the last scene. I really can’t understand how someone can be so gifted in the art of writing. It’s already challenging to be an excellent writer in your main genre, which would be a comedy in Kamisama ni Natta Hi case. More difficult than that is jumping to the complete opposite genre – drama – and doing an excellent job at it. Not only the scene where Kyouko’s watching her mother’s tapes is a tear-jerker, but the creators were able to make me fall in love with Kyouko’s mother within seconds. I’ve already spoken about this, but I’ll say it again – it’s extremely difficult to write compelling and three-dimensional characters. To have someone able to do just that in a few minutes is mind-blowing. Usually, it takes full episodes dedicated to a character to make me have strong feelings about them. And here I am, crying for someone we just met in the middle of episode 5. Of course, props also go to the director for adapting such a wholesome scene so beautifully.

You know that the scene spoke to you when you start thinking about your dear ones. The moment Kyouko’s mother asks Kyouko and her husband to go on with their lives, I just couldn’t do anything besides imagining what I would do if I was in Kyouko’s father’s shoes. I discovered that I’m not ready to answer that – not now, not ever. It’s just such a painful experience, and I believe Kamisama ni Natta Hi showed that realistically. Did you enjoy Kamisama ni Natta Hi episode five? Tell me everything down below. ?

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