Kemono Jihen Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Kemono Jihen Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery
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Well, it seems I was half correct – Yoko isn’t the best person out there. I don’t understand why Kohachi would send Kabane to her. He says that the kids will understand when they grow up, but as an adult, I still don’t understand. I mean, if he was certain that she would try to kill Kabane and steal his pendant, why do that in the first place. Even if it was to test the waters, it would probably be best for him to accompany the kids. Real bad judgment on his part, if you ask me. I liked his strategy, though. When Kabane took his pendant and gave it to Yoko, I found it strange that he didn’t transform into a ghoul. But I still got surprised when he took the real pendant out of his mouth.

The battle went a bit fast, but it was enjoyable due to the joke of Shiki being disgusted about grabbing Kabane’s head. Kemono Jihen paid attention to the details, as many Animes fall into the mistake of having the characters fully clothed after transforming. So, it was nice to see that Kabane ended up naked after regaining his full body. Plus, it was heartwarming to see Shiki giving his coat so Kabane could hide his lower parts. The only thing I would have liked to see was Akira’s powers. It’s been two episodes, and he still hasn’t shown any of his power. I’m guessing that there’s huge power behind that cute guy appearance, and I want to see it!

When it comes to the new member of the gang – Kon. I’ll need to watch more of her to know if I like her. At this point, she’s way too enthralled in Yoko’s spell to have an objective opinion. Her power is quite nice, though. Did you enjoy Kemono Jihen’s episode 3? Tell me everything down below. ?

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