Kemono Jihen Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Kemono Jihen Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

I’m happy that Kemono Jihen answered my requests and slip in some important parts of the central plot throughout episode six. I’m just sad that it wasn’t that well executed. By going from Shiki’s past to presenting a new character, developing Kabane’s power, and concluding the mosquitos’ quest, everything ended up feeling a bit too shallow. The show still needs to find its grounding when it comes to plot evolution, as it still isn’t at the perfect point of offering substantial content at a nice pace. Either is it too slow, or it goes way too fast.

Even so, I was happy to see more about Shiki’s inner thoughts as he’s my favorite character. But that’s about it. The new character didn’t catch my interest (even if he’s a little bit mysterious), I still hate the vampire with all my guts, and the mosquito-girls ended up being far too easy to beat. Moreover, I wasn’t really happy on how Kabane’s power awoke. First, I don’t enjoy watching characters finding new powers in the middle of a battle without proper training first. Secondly, while I understand what they were going for, the scene didn’t feel so urgent that it would make Kabane go over and beyond his power to protect his friends. I don’t know – if you want to go for this type of evolution, you really need to make the characters suffer, not just take around five minutes for the main character to become overpowered.

Finally, I was completely put off by Kabane forgetting about Kon. It just doesn’t suit the character. Although he isn’t able to express many feelings, one thing that Kabane has shown over and over again is his care and loyalty for others. This scene just showed an opposing sense of character, which didn’t make sense. Did you enjoy Kemono Jihen’s episode six? Tell me everything down below. ?

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