Kimi to Boku no Saigo Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Kimi to Boku no Saigo Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Well… That escalated quickly. What seemed to be an episode about Aliceliese and Iska coming to terms with their relationship and loyalty to their country ended up in a full-blown fight against the Nebulis’ founder. Not only that, but they are actually able to finish the founder within the same episode. Clearly, I wasn’t expecting such events happening in Kimi to Boku no Senjou episode 3. I mean, from what we knew about the founder so far, she seemed to be the story’s final boss, but I guess I wrong.

Overall, it was an excellent episode. Even though the fight came out of the blue, I’m happy with how the authors are handling Aliceliese and Iska relationship. Things are moving slow (as they should), and having the characters choose their country over their relationship makes them more realistic. Meanwhile, the fight animation was also well done. It was fast-paced, and the magic used had enough owo-factor to be exciting. It also loved how something between Aliceliese and Iska resonated, which allowed Aliceliese to cast magic through Iska’s hands.

My question is – what now? I’m guessing that the main villain is going to be Aliceliese’s mother. From what we were able to see so far, she seems to be more interested in vengeance than anything else, which is the perfect setting for her to fall into darkness. Moreover, considering how Aliceliese’s and Iska’s powers seem to resonate with each other, it makes sense to have them working together. How that’s going to happen is beyond me, though. Did you enjoy Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou’s third episode? Tell me everything in the comments down below. ?

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