Majo no Tabitabi Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery
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I really enjoyed Majo no Tabitabi’s episode 10. If you’ve been following my episodical reviews, you know that I love Flan and Sheila. So, following her adventures when they were just merely apprentices was a joy. The way they made the two characters clash with each other was a bit into your face, though. Who the hell introduces themselves like Sheila? It’s just asking to be disliked by the other person. Even so, the episode was able to salvage it a little by showing that Flan and Sheila were complete opposites in everything.

One thing that was impossible to miss was the resemblance of their master with Elaina. I always found it odd that the character who appeared when Elaina was explaining what she read in the book was so similar to her. However, I always thought that Elaina was imagining herself as the main character. But it’s clear as water now that’s not the case. This brings up the question of whether the strong, white-haired mage is Elaina’s mother. It really seems to be the case. That, or maybe it’s the same person? Basically, Flan and Sheila’s master reverted herself to the point of becoming a baby with no memories of her life at all?

When it comes to the story itself… How unreliable are mages in general? I understand that there are stronger and weaker wizards, but none could fight such a weak group of criminals? Not my cup of tea, but I guess that wasn’t the episode’s point. Did you enjoy Majo no Tabitabi’s episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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