Majo no Tabitabi Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Anime portraying episodical stories always have a hit-or-miss factor associated. Majo no Tabitabi episode four was clearly a hit! Unlike the last episode, the Anime focused on just one story, and it was an interesting one. A princess (who suffers from amnesia) lives alone in a palace where the country surrounding the building is completely destroyed. She doesn’t remember what happened or who she actually is – her only hint is a letter that somewhat explained what had happened. A monster wakes up every single night and roams around the country to eat anyone who’s alive. He will only disappear after killing every citizen, which at this point, he’s only missing the princess.

The episode’s intro slightly gave the story away. By introducing the princess and saying she fell in love with the cook and became pregnant, I imagined how the story would end right away, and I was correct. Even so, it was still enjoyable to watch, and I was rooting for Mirarosé. Alas, everything played out as I predicted, where the monster was actually created by the princess to get revenge on her lover’s and baby’s deaths. Although there wasn’t a surprising factor, it’s still a good story, and I loved Majo Tabitabi’s darker twist. It really made me sad when, at the end of the episode, Mirarosé was sitting at the table with her imaginary family, acting like they were there. On another note, I don’t understand where the food is coming from, but I’m not going to nitpick. Did you enjoy Majo no Tabitabi episode four? Tell me everything down below. ?

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