Majo no Tabitabi Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Majo no Tabitabi episode six continues the Anime’s lighter tone. This time around, Elaina goes to a country where people can’t lie. It’s an interesting premise, and I believe Majo no Tabitabi was able to display what would happen in the real world if something similar happened. It’s impossible to live a life without lies, especially when our first impulse is to see things from our perspective. So, of course, people will lie here and there – would you say that your best friend’s baby is ugly even if they were? Of course not! Even so, Elaina paints lying as something far more beautiful than it is. Still, this an excellent example of how the Japanese culture works – they will lie about the smallest thing to maintain order. Honestly, that goes a bit against my way of doing things, but we need to accept different cultures (unless they’re hurting people, obviously).

Meanwhile, you also got to see Saya again! My reaction to seeing her was basically the same as Elaina’s. I don’t know why, but I just can’t care about this character. That being said, Saya was an essential factor in this episode for the laughs. The scene where you see Elaina speaking with the king while there’s magic happening in the background was pretty funny. Other than that, it was also cute of Saya to spend all of her money to buy matching necklaces.

Other than that, the animation was excellent as always, and it was a fun episode to watch. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the darker episodes. Still, the 20 minutes went by pretty fast. Did you enjoy Majo no Tabitabi episode six? Tell me everything down below. ?

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