Majo no Tabitabi Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

For a change, I actually enjoyed Majo no Tabitabi episode eight. I would have loved it more if the story went a bit darker, but it was good enough. One thing is certain – you wouldn’t find me in that city for sure! Realistic dolls creep me up, so I would never step a foot in a town full of those. The story wasn’t too surprising, though. Right when the Anime focused on a doll, I imagined that these creepy toys would be more than what they originally looked like. Additionally, when Elaine went to the doll store, I knew that the vendor was going to be the ripper. So, basically, everything played out as I thought it would. There’s only one difference.

Probably because I’m a horror fan, I initially imagined that the girls were actually being killed by the ripper, who would then trap their bodies or souls into the dolls. And that’s why they looked so realistic. Alas, the ripper was only after the girls’ hair – quite disappointing, I know. Even so, Elaina looked even cuter with short hair (don’t tell her that, though! She’s already arrogant as it is). I was actually bumped out when she reattached her hair so easily through magic.

More than that, I liked the new witch’s personality. And I hope we’ll see her in the next episodes. Maybe the last episode will put all supporting characters together – that would be nice! Did you enjoy Majo no Tabitabi episode eight? Tell me everything down below. ?

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