Munou na Nana Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Munou na Nana Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

I’m so freaking happy with Munou na Nana. The second episode showed again that I made the right choice of not going with the popularity’s flow and follow this title. Sure, Munou na Nana is far from perfect and won’t be my favorite Anime of all time. Even so, the second episode had (again) a significant amount of mystery and intelligence that I loved.

First of all, I’m happy that we’re now following Nana instead of the victim. She’s a despicable character; I’m not gonna argue with that. But I’m loving to watch her inner thoughts and how she plays everyone by only displaying her cute, defenseless self. The episode’s story was nothing that deep, though. Contrary to what Nana thought, people had already realized how close she was with Nanao, and people are starting to question her carefree behavior when he’s been missing for a few days. Meanwhile, she also wants to learn more about Youhey’s time-traveling superpower, who is the biggest threat of finding that she was the one who killed Nanao. So, she plays her cards and manipulates Youhei throughout the episode.

While he thinks that she wants to figure out what happened to Nanao, she’s actually monitoring his superpowers closely in order to kill him. The character then takes advantage of something that happened earlier in the episode and the river’s water level to make Youhei going back to a time where he would teleport on top of the water. Since Youhei doesn’t know how to swim, he ends up drowning. And, since Seya freezes the river a day later, the body is never found.

While it was pretty simple, it was still ingenious. So, yeah… Even though I knew what was going to happen (more or less), I was still happy with the outcome and intrigued by Nana’s cleverness. Honestly, if Munou na Nana just follows this formula every episode until everyone’s death, I’m more than happy to watch it. What about you? Have you enjoyed Munou na Nana’s second episode? Tell me everything in the comments down below. ?

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