Munou na Nana Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Munou na Nana Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

As always, what a plot twist! Here I was, thinking that episode six would be about Michiru finding the picture showing Nana killing Nanao, and I couldn’t be more wrong. Munou na Nana completely glosses over that– we all know that Michiru is a gullible character – and focus on the next thing right away. We not only met two new characters but also got an excellent plot twist. Of course, I’m speaking about Yuuka being the one who’s actually a necromancer, not Shinji.

I’m happy that I caught the small detail that Nana overlooked at the beginning of the episode. When Yuuka said that she discovered she had super strength by kicking the emergency door, the first thing I thought was “aren’t emergency doors supposed to be easy to open?”. It seems they are, and everything Yuuka had said so far was a lie. Shinji isn’t the necromancer, but a corpse that Yuuka has been puppeteering all along due to her neurotic attachment problems.

The episode wasn’t perfect, though. I hate when villains spend a lot of time explaining their plan instead of just killing the main character. It doesn’t make much sense, and realistically Yuuka would kill Michiru right away. Who cares she knows about her being the necromancer? However, Munou na Nana fell into this trap. Since the creators wanted to save the plot twist for the end of the episode, the only option to explain everything to the audience was when Michiru found out herself the truth. It’s unfortunate, but I understand why this had to happen.

I also didn’t like how they brush over Michiru’s scene. It’s an old trick of having a cliffhanger at the end of the episode, just to make everything ok within the first minutes on the next. I hate when Anime does this, as I feel a bit betrayed. Thankfully, from what I can remember, this was the first time Munou na Nana used such a trick, so I’ll let it pass. Did you enjoy Munou na Nana episode six? Tell me everything down below. ?

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