Mushoku Tensei Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Mushoku Tensei Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery
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Mushoku Tensei’s episode 3 was brilliant. It started quite strong with some beautiful visuals of the forest near Rudy’s house and continued with a neat character evolution. There are several things I love about Rudy. First, now that he has power, Rudy helped a kid who was suffering from bullying. This shows how he learned from his past life to protect and care for the weaker ones. Secondly, I love that the protagonist doesn’t fall in love with kids of Rudy’s age. Many Isekais lose me when 30-year-old men start looking at kids in the wrong way. Just because they’ve reincarnated into a child’s body, it still doesn’t make them ok to fall in love with kids. Mushoku Tensei came as a breath of fresh air, as Rudy clearly only sees Sylph as a friend/kid.

But things don’t end there. The episode was also funny to watch and made me laugh out loud a few times. I’m also happy that they took down a notch when it comes to fanservice. Rudy’s father still tried to grab his wife’s ass, but I think that’s just a fun thing couples do. Finally, the scene where Rudy’s father askes for Rudy’s forgiveness made the character grow up a bit and become a little more complex. In short, all characters in the Anime are exceptionally well done. Did you enjoy Mushoku Tensei’s episode 3? Tell me everything down below. ?

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