Mushoku Tensei Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Mushoku Tensei Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

What can I say about Mushoku Tensei’s episode four? It made me eat all my own words, that’s for sure. Here I was, praising the Anime for not including fanservice involving children or having a 40-year-old man falling in love with a kid… And then episode four happened. I really can’t understand how someone may think that it’s alright to have a grown man inside a kid’s body with the idea to ‘build’ his female friend (also a kid) to be the perfect wife in the future. Not to say about having said kid in his bed feeling overjoyed about that – I’m going to pretend that Rudy was imaging Sylphiette at an older age. For me, it’s just wrong, even if we’re speaking about fictional characters.

But the sexual vibe of the episode didn’t end here. In fact, most of it was around sexuality. A big chunk of the episode was Zenith finding that Paul has been cheating on her with the maid and got her pregnant in the process. Although I liked that they were able to make things right and that they seem to be almost living a bigamous relationship (which is fine), I didn’t really enjoy how the characters saw this through.

One of the main problems was Lilia thinking that she was the one at fault. True, she shouldn’t have tried to seduce her employer, but Paul is completely in the wrong here! On top of that, the guy seems to not have learned anything, even after Zenith had a serious talk with him… I don’t know – this idea that cheating on your wife makes you a ‘player’ is just wrong. At least Rudy tries to put some sense into him… though he isn’t the one to talk.

Finally, Ghyslaine’s character design, which I have to ask what her top is made of. Clearly, it’s the sturdiest material in the world. Well, we all know why female characters with huge boobs exist – for the most part, it’s for fanservice. Hopefully, she’ll be able to live up to her design and actually have a personality that would explain such minor clothing. Did you enjoy Mushoku Tensei’s episode four? Tell me everything down below. ?

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