Noblesse Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

I love it when Anime proves me wrong. Noblesse’s episode two was far better than the first one, and I couldn’t be happier. First of all, I already ship two characters (we all knew that was going to happen sooner or later). After seeing Frankenstein and M-21 doing the dishes together, I couldn’t help it – they just make the best couple ever!!! Sorry, I lost my grip there for a second… You’re not here for my not-so-innocent thoughts.

I was a bit hesitant when Noblesse introduced yet two more characters right in the second episode. Usually, when titles start to add too many characters too fast, it’s a recipe for disaster. However, this wasn’t the case. Seira and Regis brought a breath of fresh air to the group that will make things more interesting and cohesive. Until now, besides the group of villains that were briefly introduced at the end of episode one, there wasn’t really much more to create tension on a daily basis. With Regis appearing, we already get a less sympathetic guy that will stir things up. The fight between M-21 and him is evidence of that.

I was also happy to see that the Anime remembered that there was an episode zero four years ago. Not only the episode explained a bit more about Noblesse as an all, but it also gave more insights on what the union is and tied episode zero with everything that’s happening right now. We also got a few more enjoyable battles to watch, and, as always, the animation was pretty good compared to the slow-paced movement when nothing important is happening.

Honestly, after watching Noblesse’s episode two, I’m more excited to see what’s next. Hopefully, Raizel will have a little more screen time – he’s the leading character, after all. Did you enjoy Noblesse’s episode two? Tell me everything in the comments down below. ?

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