Noblesse Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

I’ve been pretty hard on Noblesse – that’s what happens when you get hyped to watch something with no real reasons whatsoever. But I can finally say that I enjoyed episode 4 back to back. Not only was it eventful, but it also provided some good character evolution and exciting fights. Meanwhile, I also shipped two new male characters – Tao and Woo Ik-Han – which is always a positive point.

The part I loved the most in this episode was definitely the small conversations that the not-so villains had with the main (human) characters. Until now, the only character we really knew a little bit about was Shark, and he’s not a very three-dimensional character. He just seems to be bad because he wants to, and there’s really no other reason. On the other hand, Tao and Takeo seem to fall more in a gray area. While they’re part of the foundation (and therefore part of the bad guys), it seems there’s more than what meets the eye. First, Takeo seems to be part of the foundation because they’re holding his sister as a hostage. Secondly, Tao was incredibly cute when he was speaking with Woo, so I’m guessing he’s not as evil as he seems to be.

I’m not stupid, though. I’m aware that the main reason why Takeo and Tao met Han and Woo, respectively, was to solve the problem at hand of them being taken as hostages by the evil group. I’m pretty sure they’ll help them escape since they both have a soft spot for them now. Meanwhile, you got to see Regis fighting at full force. It was an exciting battle to watch, but unfortunately, it ended too quickly. Hopefully, the next episodes will be more action-based. Did you enjoy Noblesse episode 4? Tell me everything down below. ?

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