Noblesse Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

I think Noblesse finally hooked me in. Not only am I enjoying every episode, but I’m also quite curious to see what’s going to happen next. That said, I’m still not a fan of the battles where one of the fighters is completely overpowered. While the fight between Raziel and Krantz was cool – I loved watching Raizel beating the crap out of him – it could be even better if there was an actual challenge for the main character. I was far more on edge in Frankenstein and Takeo’s battle. I knew that Frankenstein was the stronger fighter, but at least Takeo had the time to pull all of his guns before getting incapacitated. Oh, yeah! I almost forgot – Seira’s fight! Well, since it lasted around 10 seconds, it’s normal that I didn’t remember right away. While I loved to watch Seira’s out-of-this-world power, I would be happier to see more of it.

It seems I was right when it came to Tao and Takeo’s change of heart. The creators waited until the last moment to make them go to the protagonist’s group, and I hate them for it. I mean, I had quite the emotional ride when I thought Krantz was going to kill Tao! There were two times where he was on the verge of his death! Thankfully, both Tao and Takeo survived – and we’ll be seeing them more in the following episodes 😀 I wasn’t that happy with the story of Takeo’s sister, though. I believe it was the easy way out – it would be more interesting to have Takeo fighting himself about the subject and then decide to go save her from the hospital. I guess having the foundation messing with his memories also works, but it’s far less enjoyable.

I also have a few questions. First, did Han and Manabu get their memories wiped out like the first time? If so, are they going to question why Tao and Takeo are now living with Raizel as well? Secondly, when M-21 transformed into a werewolf, I have the idea of his clothes being ripped off. So, why is he dressed when he comes back to normal? It’s not even about the fanservice – it’s just a bit strange. Did you enjoy Noblesse episode six? What are your thoughts about it? Tell me everything down below. ?

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