Noblesse Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

There goes 20 minutes that I’ll never get back. Don’t take me wrong, I was enjoying Noblesse episode seven just fine. But when it ended, it just made me feel dumb for actually caring. The thing is – the episode was a great bridge from one arc to another. All characters were bonding with each other, and it was fun to see them try to make Seira like Shin-Woo. But, what’s the point if everything that happened is just deleted from the humans’ memory? Especially when the episode was so focused on them?

I don’t even know what to say. For me, the moment they decided to backtrack Shin-Woo and Manabu characters by erasing their memory, the episode was just a bunch of nothing. Manabu doesn’t even call Tao “Aniki” anymore, and that’s just sad! The reason behind it isn’t even plausible. Supposedly, this is to protect them. However, every time the foundation created problems, both Shin-Woo and Manabu were kidnapped. In episode zero, they didn’t know Raizel that much, and they were the ones in danger. So, erasing their memories because knowing the truth might put them in more danger doesn’t make sense.

In other words, I didn’t like Noblesse episode seven at all. Maybe I’m a bit salty because I really loved seeing the characters bonding. Still, I can’t help myself and just say that I would be better off just jumping this episode. Did you enjoy Noblesse’s episode seven? Tell me everything down below. ?

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