Otherside Picnic Episode 1 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic Episode 1 Discussion & Gallery
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Otherside Picnic’s episode one showed a promising premise – I’ll give you that! But there were some bits of information that weren’t included that would help to understand the story a little better. Since the main characters don’t have a clue what this world is all about, it’s fine that the episode didn’t go much into explaining the Otherside. However, I would have liked to have a little more entail in how the main characters found their way inside this world and how they ended up in the same area. Because this wasn’t explained, the first episode was a bit confusing.

Still, the Otherside Picnic is quite promising. I’m curious about this strange world and the creatures who live inside it. On top of that, the main characters are quite interesting, and their friendship start seems to be well handled. So, in the end, I decided to embark on this story and see how it plays out. Did you enjoy Otherside Picnic’s episode 1? Tell me everything down below. ?

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