Otherside Picnic Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic’s episode was yet again another random group of events. This time around, it was Akari who got pulled into the otherside. It’s a bit strange that any kind of elevator now works to enter the otherside. If, in the beginning, the Anime showed that it was extremely hard to enter this strange world, now it seems that you just need to casually walk out your front door to get in there. I guess the idea is that the otherside is calling our protagonists, and that’s why the real world is starting to mush so much with the otherside. Still, that doesn’t explain why that also happened to Akari.

The scenes inside the otherside weren’t that scary. Compared to what this world looked like at the beginning of the Anime, the show is becoming a creepy action show. I mean, there’s more shooting than horror. Additionally, it still amazes me how Sorawo always knows what to do in any kind of situation, even if it’s the first time she’s seeing something. For example, how did she know that she could rip the fire world by ripping the image with Toriko’s hand?

That being said, the small creepy stuff introduced in this episode was good! I hate dolls, and the part where Akari seemed to be praying was quite nice. However, the Anime continues to fail in clearly showing how the main plot is developing. Did you enjoy Otherside Picnic’s episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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