Otherside Picnic Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery
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So, I just realized that Otherside Picnic is a shoujo-ai. Since I hadn’t visited the Anime’s MAL page, I didn’t really know its genres. However, after a few more romantic scenes here and there, I had to go check. This changes things a little bit, as I’ll have to consider the story’s romantic side. For now, I would say that they just look like friends. Since they met not so long ago, it makes sense they only see themselves as acquaintances/friends. This explains the lack of more romantic scenes between the two so far, and that’s why I think it was sudden for Sorao to feel jealous when Toriko spoke about the girl she’s trying to find. I mean, Sorao even thinks about leaving Toriko and the man alone when they enter that mansion.

Speaking about the house, I loved the scene with the girl with long hair. Like Sorao, I was tricked into thinking that Toriko was the one being seduced by the woman with promises of finding her lost friend. So, I was quite surprised when I understood that Sorao was the one caught in the woman’s spell. This makes me pretty excited for what kind of monsters will appear next. Did you enjoy Otherside Picninc’s episode two? Tell me everything down below. ?

I’ll be adding new galleries throughout the season as new episodes come out. Enjoy! If you have a website and want to use one of my images, feel free to do so. I’ll be happy if you backlink to this article, but it’s not mandatory.

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