Otherside Picnic Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic episode six was bittersweet. There were some things I loved and others that I was sort of disappointed at. I mean, there was a lot that the authors could do with the army. For instance, the girls could have spent days on the otherside, get a better overview of the world, and feel a bit more lost. I’m also not sure whether the English voice acting was necessary. We all know that Japanese voice actors speaking English sound terrible. Every time a soldier spoke, I was taken out from the Anime’s immersion. I mean, it would make sense if it was a Canadian company, which could lead to Toriko’s parents’ whereabouts or the reason why they died. But since the soldiers are American, it doesn’t seem necessary.

The scene of the phone call itself was great, but it wasn’t perfect. First, if they went with a darker environment off the bat, it would come out as scarier. Secondly, it doesn’t make sense for the army guy to not explain why they shouldn’t use the mobile phone. I mean, it called the monsters to the camp, so I’m pretty sure the soldier would explain the reason why using a smartphone wasn’t a smart idea. I also dislike how there’s no explanation of where Toriko gets all these crazy guns. I mean, we’re speaking about a military-grade rifle gun! I’m sure you can’t get that in your around-the-block general store (at least in Japan, anyway). In the end, Otherside Picnic’s episode 6 had a lot of potentials, but it fell short. Honestly, I think that’s the series in a nutshell so far… Did you enjoy Otherside Picnic’s episode 6? Tell me everything down below. ?

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