Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

I think Otherside Picnic has lost its footing completely. What started as a nice and mysterious story is now a combination of random events that don’t seem to offer anything to the main plot. Ninja cats… Really?

Even though I love the idea that cats are actually ninjas in disguise, it just doesn’t seem a theme that should be explored in Otherside Picnic. The Anime always went with a more serious tone, and the otherside was actually displayed as something to be scared about. After a beach episode and now a cat city setting, I would say that the otherside doesn’t seem as bad anymore.

Was the episode good? Yeah, I enjoyed it! It was funny to watch, and it’s obvious that I love ninja cats. However, this type of episode would fit best an Anime that followed an episodical approach. Something like Kai Byoui Ramune or Mushishi. For an Anime that was trying to follow a main plot, not so much. I don’t even understand how the girl knew that Sorawo had something to do with the occult.

In short, even though the episode was fun to watch, it made little sense and didn’t offer much to the main story. And, considering that the Anime is on episode eight, fillers should be avoided at all costs. Did you enjoy Otherside Picnic’s episode eight? Tell me everything down below. ?

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