Sk8 the Infinity Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Here we go, another ship! Let’s face it, who isn’t coupling Adam and Snake together after episode 10? I sure am! My only hope is that Adam is still within a mental state where he can be saved. He seemed to be so freaking cute that I just hope that he’s able to come back to his usual self. I can’t forgive how his aunties completely messed him up! And for what? Money? Meh! Hate those women.

Of course that what I loved the most in this episode was Langa and Reki’s reconciliation. But more than that, it was awesome to follow Reki’s development throughout the episode. The way the author wrote his story is just excellent! The guy’s feelings have been back and forward for some episodes by now, and it makes sense that he only wakes up for the right answer after a near-death experience.

I actually thought that he would wake up when he was beaten by those thugs. I mean, considering that his manager passed by and explained why he was enjoying being beaten up and everything. But the episode goes a bit further by having Reki being ran over by Snake’s car. You should always look at both sides before crossing the street! The scene in the love hotel was pretty funny. However, I think that scene is going to be more important than it seemed.

I already had imagined that there was going to be a way for Reki to participate in the championship. Having Shadow being put out of the competition was the perfect way to do so. Don’t ask me how Adam is able to see images of Langa and Reki’s conciliation, though. But the thing is – Reki isn’t as good of a skater as everyone else, right? So, how is he going to be able to compete in the championship? I’m guessing that Snake is going to teach him! I mean, he was the one who taught Adam, right? Can’t wait for the next episode to see if I’m correct! Did you enjoy Sk8 the Infinity‘s episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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