Sk8 the Infinity Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity’s episode two showed that the Anime has more to offer than just two cute boys bonding over skateboarding – the show is actually pretty funny. From Cherry Blossom and Joe’s arguments to Shadow being a cute florist during the day, and Langa’s mother trying to figure out to ask her son about his injuries, episode two was quite hilarious.

I’m also happy to see that Langa is properly learning how to skate. It does show that snowboarding and skating are very different sports, which was something I mentioned last episode. Meanwhile, we also get to learn many cool facts about skating throughout the episode. Not only about some nice moves you can do with a board, but also the different board types available, and other stuff like that.

Of course, having the two cute guys bonding over their love for skating is a big plus. That was the reason I decided to watch this Anime in the first place. I like how their friendship is growing quite fast, and I can’t wait to see more of this crazy relationship. Did you enjoy Sk8 the Ininity’s episode two? Tell me everything down below. ?

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