Sk8 the Infinity Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

I think we finally got to the main plot point of Sk8 the Infinity. Until now, the Anime just seemed a ‘slice-of-life’ type of Anime with a good mixture of cute characters, strong friendship, and over-the-top skate moves. However, as Langa raced Adam, something inside him woke up, and I believe he won’t be able to stop as he promised to Reki.

Adam and Langa’s race was definitely the best one so far. Not only could we see how much Langa has improved with his awesome moves, but I also loved the skating dance. I mean, it was already nice when Adam did it with Reki, but it was even better when Langa accepted the challenged and started to lead the dance. Of course, a lot of gay electricity was felt in that dance – something that I don’t dislike in the slightest.

It was also nice to see more about Adam. I know that he’s kind of a douchebag, especially when he isn’t skating, but I love his vibe as a villain. The way he melts away when Langa is able to put up a challenge combined with his eccentric personality and clothing – perfect! Of course, it also helps to have such a good voice actor voicing him.

Finally, Reki and Langa are becoming cuter by the day. I’m not going to lie – although I said in the past that they do look great as friends for the story, some scenes made me wish that they were actually a couple. The only thing I feel a bit sorry for is how Reki always ends up losing his races and how far away he’s from Langa’s skill even though he puts the same effort into skating. At least he doesn’t seem bothered by it and probably will be happy to focus on creating skates from scratch. Did you enjoy Sk8 the Inifinity episode five? Tell me everything down below. ?

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