Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

I wasn’t expecting Tatoeba Last Dungeon to finish this season with the main characters going to Lloyd’s village. I love it, but I thought it would take a while until this would happen. Even if they’re there to heal the snake, it wasn’t explained very well why so many people tagged along. I say this because it isn’t just your ordinary trip. Supposedly, Lloyd’s village shouldn’t be visited by normal people, right?

Even so, the Anime was hilarious! From the beginning that I wanted to see this crazy village where Lloyd grew up. From Phyllo’s difficult martial art style being just a morning training routine to the villagers using a cannon for fast travel, there were a lot of funny scenes in this episode. Of course, seeing Mertophan dressed like that was also hilarious. I mean, for a second, I thought they were going to show the man’s equipment. But the best part is how Lloyd sees all of this as normal behavior.

But I wonder what is going to happen next. The conversation between Alka and the cutest dwarf I’ve ever seen was ominous, to say the least. Considering that there are two episodes to go, I hope the series can finish the season off the same way it started – hilarious and exciting to watch. Did you enjoy Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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