Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery
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Although not much has happened in Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode two, the Anime continued to be hilarious throughout episode two. From all characters’ over-the-top reactions to the restaurant’s owner thinking that Lloyd had some kind of evil plan, the episode was full of funny scenes! It was an enjoyable ride, and I loved the episode.

Still, the episode did unravel a bit of the major plot. Despite the Anime and town’s colorful vibes, it seems some trouble is lurking within the shadows. In this case, some sort of war is about to happen, and Marie is trying to stop it. There isn’t much info about this yet, but I’m guessing Lloyd will have an important role in stopping this war. Did you enjoy Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode two? Tell me everything down below. ?

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