Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery
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I never get tired of Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s jokes. Even if episode eight had some more serious scenes here and there, it made me burst into laughter several times. Some of the best jokes were, without a doubt, Selen’s reaction when she saw the girl doing Lloyd a massage, the bath scene where Selen’s weapons are always hiding the girls’ naked bodies, and (of course) that last scene where Lloyd makes that freaking move on the loli grandma. Even the running gag of Lloyd thinking that the villains are just cosplaying gets me every time.

Even so, episode eight did have a few more serious scenes that developed Lloyd, Selen, and Shoma. First of all, Selen and Lloyd’s conversation while on the boat was extremely important. Not only did we get a more loving (and less creepy) side of Selen, but the conversation also gave Lloyd self-confidence – something that is later reinforced when Lloyd actually feels that he was able to kill a monster. I know that he still thinks that he was only able to do that because of his friends, but hey! It’s something. On the other hand, the episode proved what I thought – Shoma is not a nice guy. I don’t know what the Anime is going for, but I feel that the Tatoeba’s more serious tone is yet to come. Did you enjoy Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode eight? Tell me everything down below. ?

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