Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 4 Discussion & Gallery

While episode 3 was only average, episode 4 brought Tonikaku Kawaii to its usual glory. The episode was hilarious to watch, I enjoyed all the new characters, and it finished with a wholesome scene that made me want to become more romantic on a daily basis. On top of that, it was even informative, as Nasa explained in a straightforward way how to handle arguments – managers out there, please watch Tonikaku Kawaii, thanks!

Seriously, though, Tonikaku Kawaii episode 4 showed a bit more about Tsukasa’s past. There’s still a lot to answer, but at least we now know that she was living with a wealthy family that owns one of the few moon rocks available in the world. We also got to meet Chitose, who is an interesting character, to say the least. While she can be a bit annoying and unreasonable, her heart is in the right place, and I have to give it to her for wanting to protect her big sis.

Meanwhile, the comedic scenes were also great! I laughed pretty hard when one of the maids started to undress herself when Chitose said they needed to find some tabloid material on Nasa. I also cracked up when the other maid just took a picture and then photoshopped everything to change the events completely! There’s something about how fast-paced these scenes happen and how the characters respond to what’s happening that makes it hilarious.

At the end of the episode, Nana finally proposes to Tsukasa (even though they’re already married). Like other scenes like this, it showed how flexible the creator can be, as they’re able to jump from a funny comedic bit to a heartwarming scene that makes you want to get married right away. Did you enjoy Tonikaku Kawaii’s episode 4? Tell me everything down below. ?

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