Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

It seems Nasa was actually ready in case his house burned down while he was traveling. I should do the same thing – if a fire broke out in my place where I was somewhere else, I would lose some important documents. Fire protection aside, I loved how the show started with Tsukasa sharing why she loves Nasa so much. Although I got curious to know who’s the guy she mentioned about.

I’m not so sure about Nasa’s bath scene, though. It’s kind of strange to have Kaname commenting on Nasa having a hard-on when his design is so childish. The same can be said when he’s smelling Tsukasa’s underwear. I guess they’re both for the comedic factor of the episode. Still, not sure if I can find these scenes as funny as the authors wanted them to be. More hilarious than that was Aya’s realizing that Nasa is married. The animation they used when she’s trying to understand why Nasa had introduced Tsukasa to his parents was quite funny.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable episode overall. It was cute to see Nasa feeling shy when going through the women’s underwear aisle – I know that feeling well. And it’s kinda crazy that they’re now living in the Kaname’s house. We all know that girl won’t be able to stop herself than to give her thoughts about their relationship. I still think that Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship needs to grow a lot. It’s not very typical for a husband to ask his wife to show herself in her underwear, right? I mean, I never had to ask my boyfriend for that. It’s just one of the natural things that happen when you’re both adults and in a relationship… Right? Did you enjoy Tonikaku Kawaii episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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