Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery
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What a great episode Wonder Egg Priority presented us with! I would never have thought that the origin for all this was a creation from those guys. It surprised the hell out of me, and I love the Anime for it! I didn’t understand how Frill is impacting girls to make them kill themselves, though. But I’m not sure if that’s the Anime fault or if I just didn’t understand what the hell they were saying.

Nonetheless, Frill’s story was excellent! And I loved the family they were going with at the beginning of her arc. For a second, I even thought whether the guys were gay – but I guess not. Apart from that, it’s clear that they messed up when creating the girl. I mean, you need to be quite the psychopath to kill a pregnant woman out of jealously. Still, I guess she felt she was used as a toy – you don’t really ditch your daughter just because you married! Unless you’re a douchebag, of course!

I wonder why the guys didn’t just unplug her. I mean, it’s clear both scientists go crazy when they discover that she killed the woman (and later the scientist’s real daughter). But why lock her inside a trunk instead of just… I don’t know – kill her? I know that this might be extreme, but that’s what I would probably do if an AI killed my pregnant wife. 

I can’t wait for the season finale! There are still some things that need to be better explained, and I hope the Anime doesn’t fail right at the last moment. Did you enjoy Wonder Egg Priority’s episode 11? Tell me everything down below. ?

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