Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12 (Final) Discussion & Gallery

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12 (Final) Discussion & Gallery
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I’m not sure what to say about Wonder Egg Priority’s final episode. On the one hand, it seems the perfect way to finish the series. On the other hand, the episode comes out way too random, and I’m not sure whether I enjoy this idea of parallel worlds.

But the thing is – Ai’s worst enemy is herself. While other characters’ arcs are able to finish off by introducing other characters, that’s not the case for Ai. While Momoe had to save a girl who had the opposite problem as her, Neiru had to face her best friend’s death to find her true feeling. Meanwhile, Ai’s biggest fears come from the misconception she has from her professor. So, saving another Ai from a parallel world where things happened a bit different makes complete sense.

However, bringing another Ai to the game made the episode extremely difficult to follow through. In some scenes, I wasn’t even able to pinpoint which Ai I was watching. My boyfriend even ended the episode thinking that there were three Ais and not two. So, I would say that the animation and story development backfired a bit. Still, I’m happy that the original Ai was smart enough to say ‘Veni’ the moment she was able to save Koito. At least, no animal violence happened in this episode.

I’m guessing that Wonder Egg Priority will have a second season. After all, Frill is still on the loose. However, considering that the girls who saved her loved ones can’t go back to the Wonder Egg world, I don’t know how the story will proceed. But it’s a given that Riku won’t stop until she avenges her pet. Did you enjoy Wonder Egg Priority’s episode 12? Tell me everything down below. ?

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